If you are looking for a friendly and reliable local firewood supplier in central Scotland look no further. Our Scotland branches are located in Glasgow, Stirling & Edinburgh however we deliver to the whole of Scotland. Scotch Logs is a family run business supplying top quality firewood from our forest to your fireplace. All of our timber is seasoned between 18 months to 24 months by which time the moisture in our firewood is approximately 20% or below. The moisture content of our timber is constantly monitored to ensure you receive top quality logs for your open fire or log burning stoves. With our top quality firewood for sale and  free delivery available in a five mile radius of Glasgow, Stirling & Edinburgh we hope to give you great service at a brilliant price.


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Here on our 800 acre central Scotland estate the majority of our land is populated by mature woodland which is professionally managed. Most of our logs are from trees that have fallen naturally due to high winds, heavy snow or old age. Our Hardwood Logs are normally a mixture of Birch, Ash ,Oak, Beech and Yew among others while our Softwoods are generally Larch and Pine. All of our timber is cut into logs approximately 8 – 10 inches in length ( We also have larger logs on sale at request ) . The Logs are then stored undercover to maximise the drying process. We recommend you store logs indoors 24 hours before use for maximum results. Click here forr information on our scotland free delivery locations.


Builders sized bag of hard wood or mixed woodhandy carry bag of mixed woodBag of Kindling - great for lighting a fire


 So order your wood with us today at an affordable price. Our large builders bag of hardwood costs only £75 and with free local delivery (within a five mile radius of Edinburgh, Glasgow or Stirling) we can guarantee you a continuous supply of good quality firewood.  For more information check out our info page or phone us on 0845 521 0333!


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